Rising Stars at Founders Forum

Virtualitics VIP software - data visualization image

For a new company just starting out, we’ve been fortunate in so many ways here at Virtualitics. An example of that was when we were invited to attend the Founders Forum Conference in London this June. We were selected to present as a Rising Star and were given five minutes on their global stage to tell the world about our product. Michael did a great job in getting people excited about us in so little time! Well, he had to admit he was Neanderthal, but that’s another story… It was a great opportunity and we were grateful to have been afforded it.

In addition to the stage presentation, we had space in the demo ro

om to demonstrate our software for one-on-one time with interested attendees. Our allotted time in the demo hall was from 7:30 am. to 5:00 p.m. and, though I am accustomed to long work days, I felt a little apprehensive about the lengthy day of demos that lay ahead.

When I first arrived at the demo room, I was impressed by the open-space setting that felt friendly and accommodating. I easily found my way to our designated area and was pleased that it was perfectly suited for our needs. The Founders Forum team had given great care ahead of the conference to ensure we had everything we required. They showed an unparalleled attention to detail. Still, I felt a twinge of anxiety while checking the equipment, the internet connection and my general checklist of anything that could go wrong.

As the day wore on, however, I found none of my concerns were warranted. Everything went seamlessly. By the end of the day I noted that I had a lot of fun just demoing our own product, and when I had a chance to look around I was amazed at the level of innovation and creativity that surrounded me.

The sheer number and level of the participants was impressive, but the Founders Forum Conference team seemed at ease and cheerful about accommodating each request and every need. The pace of the two-day event was intense with not a lot of down-time and yet not so much activity that you missed much. That said, I do wish those of us demoing could have attended the talks as well. I was sorry to have missed not only our presentation, but other’s as well.

All in all it was truly one of the best organized conferences I have ever attended.

Now, as a seasoned veteran of the Founders Forum, I’d give this bit of advice to any future attendees:  Sleep well the night before, it’s going to be a long day!

Virtualitics Team at Founders Forum: Michael Amori (Co-Founder and CEO), Ciro Donalek (Co-Founder and CTO).