Power Intelligent Exploration From Snowflake And Get More From Your Data


Written by Virtualitics


Your Snowflake data warehouse is doing its job: safely storing large amounts of valuable data. Snowflake integrates the disparate forms of your data, but the potential of your data is going untapped if you don’t have the right tools for your analysts to truly explore it. The Virtualitics AI Platform is designed to save your analysts from an overwhelming avalanche of data and help them discover the value and insight that can change your business for the better.

Power Up Analysts with Intelligent Exploration

Combining Virtualitics AI Platform with your Snowflake data warehouse enables analysts to benefit from AI-powered and AI-generated data analysis that we like to call Intelligent Exploration. With AI to assist, your analysts have access to data science capabilities that are normally beyond their reach, such as:

  • Unlimited exploration. Limiting your data exploration introduces risk and bias. With Virtualitics, analysts can explore all the data that matters, right from the start.
  • AI-discovered insights. Our platform surfaces the most significant data insights automatically within each and every analysis. You can’t miss them!
  • Smart data visualization. Communication is critical when sharing insight with leaders across the business. We enable analysts to review findings in interactive true 3D and recommend the visualizations best suited to explore your unique data so your teams understand the results.

Connect, Query, and Explore Data in Snowflake with Confidence

With the Virtualitics + Snowflake connector, data analysts can explore their data through your organization’s existing governance and security structure. Our queries and data preprocessing are pushed down to Snowflake, so only the dataset being analyzed is queried by Virtualitics for exploration in-memory. We work together to keep your data secure and minimize risk.

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When you’re connected, AI-generated analysis makes sense of complex data, helps analysts explore, and ultimately adds value to your data strategies. Empowering your analysts with intelligent exploration could transform your business.

“The combination of the Snowflake Data Cloud with Virtualitics' AI exploration and visualization capabilities will enable joint customers to uncover hidden connections and insights within their      data, giving them the power to explore massive datasets at scale and find answers to complex business challenges with greater speed and accuracy."

–Tarik Dwiek, Head of Technology Alliances at Snowflake

The Virtualitics + Snowflake connector requires a one-time setup. Simply enter your warehouse information and credentials and you’ll be seeing Intelligent Exploration in action in no time.

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