The Secret To Doing More With Your Data? Survey Says Empower Your Analysts

Amanda Derrick

Written by Amanda Derrick

Your data represents a massive investment, but are you getting a good return? A new survey of data leaders highlights that data analytics is a priority, but shows that those leaders don't have the people and tools they need to find and leverage the value in their data.

Traditional data analysis tools and techniques are falling short in today's data-rich environment, limiting the advantages and value to be gained by analysts. "The Secret to Doing More With Data" shares where teams are today, as well as what organizations must do to gain a competitive advantage moving forward.

The results of the survey illustrate that teams today know they could, and should, be doing more with their data. Traditional BI dashboards aren't giving teams enough insight to make strategic decisions, leaving teams in the dark about the complex relationships in their data. The solution to that problem could be to higher more data scientists, but the survey validates that those skills are hard to find.

So what can data leaders do? They can upskill their data analysts with advanced analytics tools that use AI to enable Intelligent Exploration, so analysts can see and share the insights that will impact their company strategy.

Learn how Intelligent Exploration is the answer to doing more with your data by downloading the report.