Virtualitics Meets SOC2 Info Security Standards In All 40 Categories


Written by Virtualitics

Independent report finds that Virtualitics achieved 100% of benchmarks for preventing breaches, protecting confidentiality, and safeguarding customer data 

Pasadena, CA– April 7, 2022: - Today, Virtualitics Inc, an advanced analytics and predictive AI company, announced that it has successfully completed the SOC 2 audit. The third-party audit shows the company meets rigorous cybersecurity standards in all 40 categories examined. The review included cyberattack prevention, insider risk, network management, staff hiring and training, and much more.

“It’s unusual for a startup company to make SOC2 an early priority—it’s typically a maturity process” notes Virtualitics’ Chief Information Security Officer, Alfred Valerio. “This shows the degree of importance we put on security, confidentiality, and business continuity. It should give our clients high confidence in how well we’re protecting their data on our Virtualitics AI Platform.”

SOC2 Type II Report is a security framework developed by the American Institute of CPAs to assess a company’s level of risk from cyber threats. Independent auditors first evaluate the quality of cybersecurity policies, procedures and controls. They then verify whether these are actually being followed, producing the SOC2 Report with the results. This is not a one-time initiative and a company must work continually to stay in compliance with SOC2.

Virtualitics’ human firewall is a particular strength. Assessment data shows Virtualitics staff are nearly 30 percent less phish-prone than those in other tech companies of the same size. The company also exceeds tech industry benchmarks in security awareness proficiency and security culture.

Read a summary of Virtualitics’ SOC2 findings and cyber security standards.  


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