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Financial Data

ROI is Everywhere: How Data Analysts Can Deliver More Value for Financial Business Leaders

By Amanda Derrick | June 29, 2023

Data analysts can do so much more than just generate reports. Do your analysts have what it takes to be a major asset for financial services business leaders charged with crafting strategy? Here’s how analysts equipped with the latest AI-powered ...

Financial Data

3 Ways AI-Guided Data Exploration Turns Obstacles Into Opportunity In Financial Services

By Amanda Derrick | May 24, 2023

Financial services organizations are sitting on more valuable data than they know what to do with…or manage and explore. Traditional analytics tools, like BI dashboards and 2D graphs, just aren’t up to the task of clearly explaining all that’s going ...

Financial Data

Discovering Game-Changing Insight in Financial Services Data

By Amanda Derrick | May 3, 2023

With the collapse of a third bank this year, and an increasingly volatile financial market, financial institutions don’t have a lot of room for error. What they do have is a lot of data, both internal and external, and data analysts doing their best ...