Virtualitics Honored for Artificial Intelligence in Fast Company's Annual Innovation by Design Awards


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Innovation by Design - Fast Company 2023

Pasadena, CA, August 24, 2023Virtualitics Inc., an artificial intelligence and data exploration company, was named in Fast Company’s Innovation by Design Awards for 2023 in the Artificial Intelligence category.

The company is honored for its role in enabling organizations to harness the potential of their data through a diverse range of AI algorithms. These algorithms automatically uncover and emphasize relationships within the data, generate immersive 3D visuals to enhance comprehension, and provide clear insights aimed at addressing some of the world's most significant challenges. The overarching mission of Virtualitics is to equip organizations with the capability to tackle intricate, mission-critical issues, a mission they refer to as Intelligent Exploration.

The Virtualitics AI Platform harnesses the power of AI-generated and AI-guided data exploration to transform how organizations use their data.Traditional data exploration methods are shallow and incomplete, leaving companies with a narrow and biased understanding. Virtualitics gives users the power to go deeper to discover the real meaning in the data.

Using AI and machine learning, data teams can quickly andthoroughly explore all of their data, automatically discovering patterns and meaning. The results of this exploration are displayed in Virtualitics’ patented, rich 3D visuals and VR experience, which are designed to display complex findings clearly. This enables stronger storytelling andenhanced understanding, so teams and stakeholders move forward strategically with a strong foundation that guides smarter business decisionsand AI initiatives.

“Being included in Fast Company's Innovation by Design Awards spotlights our ongoing mission to use AI for groundbreaking advancements in analytics,” said Michael Amori, CEO and co-Founder of Virtualitics. “AI stands on the brink of reshaping corporate data comprehension and exploration and is poised to change how companies understand and explore their data, we're thrilled to lead the way.”

A stunning example of Intelligent Exploration is the company’s network graphs. Network graphs provide unparalleled insight into complex relationships, butbecause they’ve traditionally required specialized data science techniques and technologies, and produce underwhelming visuals, mostorganizations aren’t using them. This means teams miss out on insight into the multifaceted relationships and dependencies that define theirbusiness. Virtualitics’ automated, patented technology extracts graphs directly from complex, tabular datawithout any coding from users. The data is then visualized in a 3D graph that can be rotated and explored, and AI-generated insights that helpusers see what defines their data communities.

The Innovation by Design Awards, honor the designers and businesses solving the most crucial problems of today and anticipating the pressing issues of tomorrow. The competition, now in its 12th year, features a range of blue-chip companies, emerging startups, and hungry young talents. It is one of the most sought-after design awards in the industry. To see the complete list, go to

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Virtualitics, Inc., the Intelligent Exploration company, is pioneering the power of AI- and machine learning-guided data exploration to transform organizations. The Virtualitics AI Platform is an advanced analytics solution empowering everyone with faster, ready-to-use AI that is easily understood by analysts and business leaders. The company's patented technology is based on more than 10 years of research at the California Institute of Technology and has been tested, proven and leveraged by the federal government and large enterprises. For more information visit