The Virtualitics AI Platform is Here

Manny Sevillano

Written by Manny Sevillano

When I joined Virtualitics a little over a year ago, I was drawn in by the promise of our patented technology. I knew that we were on the cusp of transforming the way the enterprise leveraged AI. This week we announced the Virtualitics AI Platform for the enterprise and I couldn’t be more excited. With this move we’re pulling AI out of the dark, forgotten corners of the business and we’re putting it into play across the organization, informing actions and making a measurable difference every day.

The Reason AI Initiatives Have Stalled

Analytics and AI products have typically been designed to serve the needs of the data scientist to explore data and generate insights. It was up to the data scientist and the analysts to then serve up those insights to the business who, in turn, were left to put the insights into action. For any given project, there could be any number of products in use—data cleansing, data processing, visualizations—as well as bespoke analytics work.

The advanced analytics products themselves don’t have much reach outside of the analytics function, with the exception of some visualization tools that were used to serve up analytics to the business. As a result, while the data science teams could immerse themselves in the data and the AI and the predictions, what was reaching the business had the feel of a news brief—interesting, but not obviously actionable. And the AI behind the predictions is hidden away in a black box leaving the business user to take the direction solely on faith. 

All of this contributed to a massive gap between the data science teams and the business, and a lack of any kind of meaningful business action getting put into place based on the work of the analytics teams.

Bridge the gap between data scientists and business leaders and create a common AI language within your organization

The Power of a Platform

An AI platform, in contrast, is a solution that engages in the business problem from the start of the investigation, through to the finish, with applied, AI-informed action points. This means a few things:

  • It is designed for multiple types of users, from the data scientist, to the analyst, to the citizen data scientist, to business user

  • It is designed for collaboration within the platform, not outside of it with different users using different tools to make sense of the information

  • AI is applied to the interrogation of the data, to the predictions, to the modeling, and the prescriptive actions

  • The business users who ultimately will be making decisions and taking action can do so from the same place that they get the AI-informed “next steps” insight

Uncover hidden insights in your data and take action based on reliable and repeatable results. 

The Virtualitics AI Platform

Virtualitics isn’t new–we’ve been perfecting our patented technology for over 10 years. What’s new is our focus on closing the loop–on developing as much for the business user as the data scientist. We’re building a shared language so that ideas can flow into action with collaborative input and without friction.

Predict - SPT - Marketing

Identify key trends, predict future outcomes, and test out scenarios with advanced, no-code AI.

The Virtualitics AI Platform gives you the flexibility and capability to deliver an advanced analytics experience with the speed and power of a desktop application, the collaboration space of the browser, within the immersive experience of VR–different experiences for different users.

We give your business users–the people taking actions that impact the business every day–AI-generated recommendations so that they can make the right decision. We give your data explorers the ability to access multiple different AI models to generate visualizations and insight within minutes, and without code. We help you do what you need to do, quickly, no matter who you are. We make AI-assisted problem-solving simple and practical.