3 Ways AI Improves Supply Chain Data Analysis

Amanda Derrick

Written by Amanda Derrick

The world runs on the ability of supply chains to function perfectly. However, meeting expectations has become increasingly difficult with world events occurring faster than supply chains can keep up. You name it, it impacts supply chains: escalating geopolitical tension, higher consumer demand for faster turnarounds and deliveries, shrinking talent pools, rising costs for nearly everything…the list goes on.

Data analysis is crucial to addressing challenges that arise, but a company armed with the right tools can learn to anticipate challenges and put mitigation plans in place to prevent issues from happening in the first place.

The Missing Link: AI for Supply Chain Data Analysis

AI is a powerful partner for supply chain management, giving business analysts and data science teams the ability to find insights that yield real results. Virtualitics helps teams go from data to decisions in a single platform by using AI-powered Applications with explainability, interaction, and AI-generated visualizations at their core. Our platform can be rapidly applied to solve problems across domains including supply chain analysis, allowing users to:

  • Optimize their supply chain by analyzing historical data and current data across multiple sources to identify the most relevant insight and make strategic moves to positively impact operations.
  • Prioritize goals and objectives by leveraging embedded AI-guided exploration to find the most relevant insights with recommendations backed by clear explanations of what is driving the data.
  • Turn analysis into action by empowering decision-makers to execute plans that enhance supply chain reliability and practices while building trust in your teams’ data capabilities.

With the right AI platform and applications, you can maximize the value of every piece of supply chain logistics, operations, and business data produced.

3 Supply Chain Issues Resolved by AI Applications

From beginning to end, hundreds of data systems power a supply chain. Integrating and analyzing all these data points is no easy task, and business leaders are often faced with decision paralysis while trying to make strategic decisions based on incomplete data or conflicting sources.

The Virtualitics AI Platform provides business leaders with a more complete and accurate picture of what’s happening in their supply chain so they can resolve or mitigate these common issues:

Risk management

Supply chains are incredibly complex due to the varied and disparate locations, processes, and stakeholders involved. They’re also changing constantly in response to global and market shifts, adding another layer of risk that requires transparent insight to effectively mitigate.

Because Virtualitics aggregates and analyzes data from multiple, disparate sources, data analytics teams get a clear, streamlined view of all the moving pieces. Whether it’s transportation departure and arrival times or manufacturing equipment maintenance logs, AI brings it all together and alerts teams to where the biggest risks may be coming up.

Cybersecurity threats

According to Gartner, by 2025, 45% of organizations worldwide will have experienced attacks on their software supply chains—a three-fold increase from 2021. Virtualitics helps keep your systems safe by guiding data analytics teams to seek out and detect previously unseen patterns. The AI-driven platform can also find commonalities among billions of data points, improve preventive measures, and speed up responses when an attack does succeed. Additionally, it can extrapolate from yesterday’s attacks to determine what tomorrow’s will look like.

Data quality and accuracy

When leaders have missing data or leverage the wrong datasets for business decisions, it can start a reaction that disrupts the whole supply chain or prevents them from seeing important strategic opportunities.

This is where AI comes in: It helps automate decision-making and action-taking at scale, making sure that you’re pursuing the right use case—and using the right data sets. With AI guiding the way data analytics teams can more efficiently smooth out gaps in data, make sense of anomalies, and bring more accurate insights to leaders.

See What’s Really Impacting Supply Chain

The Virtualitics AI Platform gives teams the ability to do deep analysis on complex, interrelated data sets and to create and deploy AI applications that are designed to solve their most pressing challenges. This is how supply chains become stronger and leaders become more strategic, keeping supply chains functioning like a well-oiled machine.