Webinar Recap: Becoming the Analyst of the Future


Written by Virtualitics

Even with more data available than ever before, organizations are struggling to formulate, scope, and execute valuable, data-based projects. Not a great return on investment for all that data gathering and storage. But you already have employees who can help wade through that data to valuable insight, if you arm them with the right tools: your data analysts.

When data analysts struggle to explore data then entire organizations are held back. Data-based projects don’t deliver the desired results, because the scope of data exploration doesn’t allow analysts to discover the right opportunities. Why does this happen? Because the analytic tools they are using are not designed to allow and assist with intelligent data exploration.

Caitlin Bigsby, Head of Product Marketing at Virtualitics, and Joseph Oliveria, Solutions Engineer, hosted a webinar this week about how data analysts can expand their skills and become the driving force for valuable, data-led strategies in their companies. By unlocking AI-assisted data exploration techniques, your analysts can bridge the gap between “death by dashboard” and true Intelligent Exploration.

Wondering what the data analyst of the future looks like…and what can they discover in your data? Watch the webinar and find out!