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Written by Virtualitics

The Federal Team at Virtualitics takes pride in supporting the Department of Defense and ICs with solutions specifically designed to augment the decision-making process from strategic leaders to tactical end users. We understand from first-hand experience the importance of delivering capabilities that meet the needs of our customer's operational framework. 

Virtualitics works closely with federal and IC customers to create AI workflows that address specific use cases. Our team continues to support the deployment, delivery, and adoption of these technologies through our Center of Excellence. 

Operational Readiness

Predictive Maintenance for Aircraft Availability
Increase aircraft availability and mission readiness while reducing unplanned downtime.

Inventory Optimization
Apply advanced AI, machine learning, and optimization techniques to reduce inventory levels of parts while maintaining safety levels of stocks to meet service level agreements. Use AI and machine learning to measure risk and form constraints such as part availability and inventory status for weapon system mission generation and operational readiness.

Supply Chain Optimization
Use AI, machine learning, and optimization techniques to visualize your supply network, identify supply chain risks, and mitigate against unsuccessful delivery of parts.

Resource Constraints and Capacity Assessment
RC2A uses AI algorithms to determine whether a repair job for a weapon system can be completed using the available maintenance staff and inventory of parts and equipment.

Maintenance Schedule Optimization 
Provides users with a schedule for repair work that considers constraints imposed by the inventory of parts and the availability of maintenance personnel.

Workforce Analytics for Automated Pilot Report
Automated pilot training report creation to increase airmen's mission capability rates.

Automated Reporting and Monitoring Using Deficiency Report 
Use NLP and anomaly detection techniques to identify critical systems with a high risk of failure.

Manpower Analytics and Optimization
Workforce Analytics solution to optimize manpower and forecast future manpower needs against mission objectives.

COVID-19 Forecasting for Impact Prediction
Use ensemble AI and machine learning techniques to predict hyperlocal COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations, and deaths at a county-by-county level.

Investment Analysis

Resource Allocation
Investment Analysis uses AI and machine learning to parse requirements and historical investments to optimize resources to satisfy mission objectives.

Financial Situational Awareness
Use machine learning and knowledge graph analysis to establish an automated ontology to generate Courses of Action aligned with mission objectives.

Mission Support

Biometric Analysis for Tailored Training
Decision-making tool by fusing biometric and performance data candidates in training programs.

Pattern Identification
Find trends for reports using NLP and AI techniques to identify common patterns across datasets.

GPS Spoofing Detection
Use AI and anomaly detection techniques to automatically detect indications of GPS jamming and spoofing for increased situational awareness.

Spectrum Survey Automation
Use machine learning and automated workflows to rapidly characterize the electromagnetic spectrum.

Data-Enabled Photogrammetry for Mission Insights
Get actionable mission insights with machine learning combined with advanced visualization techniques, geospatial data and photogrammetry overlays. 

Constraint Optimizer for Weapon Systems
Constraint Optimizer uses machine learning and multivariate optimization techniques to consider n-dimensional constraints for weapon systems and optimize them for mission objectives.

Intelligence Analysis

Pattern of Life Analysis
Automated pattern of life and anomaly detection for intelligence analysis use cases.

Cyber Analytics for PCAP Logs
Accelerate forensic tasks by using a patented Network Extractor Algorithm enabling advanced analytics on PCAP logs to analyze, detect, and monitor network activity.

Vessel Lane Detection for Maritime Domain Awareness
Use multi-source maritime traffic data to develop a lane-finding algorithm that identifies trends and anomalous behavior in vessel trajectories.

Space Analysis

Anomaly Detection for Space Domain Awareness
Use AI and machine learning models to predict observations of space objects and identify anomalous behavior. 

Similarity Analysis for Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) Events
Use AI and machine learning algorithms to calculate similarity across EMI data and provide preprocessing for automated report generation.