Who's cool now? Gartner® names Virtualitics as a 2022 Cool Vendor for Analytics and Data Science.


Written by Virtualitics

Virtualitics Gartner Cool Vendor 2022

Gartner® says Virtualitics is a Cool Vendor for Analytics and Data Science, with technology that enables users to do things they couldn’t do before.

Who’s cool now?

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A lot of us can look back and remember those awkward uncool years. Just ask Aakash Indurkhya. This was his actual grad quote. He's now our co-head of AI. 

So, it’s pretty gratifying for Virtualitics to be listed as a Cool Vendor. We see it as validation that we’re in the lead on some really useful technology for those “who want to sift through big data to investigate complex systems using out-of-the-box machine learning (ML),” as Gartner® puts it.

Being cool means being out ahead.

It’s about not looking and sounding like everyone else. It’s having the spotlight find you even though you’re not looking for it, because, well, you’re cool.

That’s why we are pumped about some big news: Virtualitics has been recognized as a 2022 Gartner® Cool Vendor for Analytics and Data Science.

You can’t apply to become a Cool Vendor. Nominations come directly from Gartner® analysts who are experts in specific markets and the vendor landscape. The companies who are deemed Cool have developed technologies/products that enable users to do things they couldn’t do before, that anticipate market direction and need, and that have or will have business impact. Gartner analysts speak with multiple customers actually using the technology to make sure the product works as advertised and verify they are getting value. And just a few vendors in a given tech category get recognized in any given year.

Virtualitics is one of only three companies selected for this year’s Gartner® Cool Vendors in Analytics and Data Science. Here are a few of our capabilities Gartner® singles out:

  • An immersive platform that brings a bit of the experience of real-time gaming to analytics. Like a shared virtual reality (VR) office where users can stand inside of and touch a dataset.
  • Ability to combine up to ten dimensions of data versus two, and deliver complex analyses of them in visually compelling ways.
  • A workflow experience that moves users seamlessly from discovery to analysis to action. Teams can collaborate from anywhere, including mobile devices, visualize what lots of complex data is saying, then act on it, right in the dashboard.
  • No coding skills required.

Reach out to learn more about how we empower business decision-makers, subject-matter experts, analysts and citizen data scientists with practical AI to understand patterns. “Without needing expert data scientists to code and maintain predictive models,” in Gartner®’s words.

Read the full Gartner 2022 Cool Vendor Report or request a demo and we will give you a tour of the platform.