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Data Analysis

Risk and Reward: The Struggle of Data Sampling

By Amanda Derrick | March 8, 2023

Sampling is unavoidable when we’re dealing with big data. The only way to find meaning from a large dataset is to make it smaller, and more manageable. However, data sampling can result in a biased or unrepresentative cross-section of data…which ...

Data Analysis

Combating The Costs Of Customer Churn

By Amanda Derrick | February 8, 2023

Customer churn is one of the most expensive issues businesses face. Customer loss impacts businesses of all sizes in every industry. Attrition means millions of dollars in lost revenue and increased customer acquisition costs. To tackle churn, you ...

Data Analysis

Get started with network graphs—what they are and why they matter

By Amanda Derrick | October 12, 2022

Multitasking? Great! You can listen to this blog post by clicking above or find our podcast, Intelligent Data Exploration, on major podcast platforms. Businesses spend a lot of time, effort, and resources to collect and store data. But the ...

Virtualitics Gartner Cool Vendor 2022

Data Analysis

Who's cool now? Gartner® names Virtualitics as a 2022 Cool Vendor for Analytics and Data Science.

By Virtualitics | May 9, 2022

Gartner® says Virtualitics is a Cool Vendor for Analytics and Data Science, with technology that enables users to do things they couldn’t do before.

Data Analysis

How to Bring in Past Data to Make Future Decisions

By Virtualitics | January 25, 2022

To achieve data-driven decision-making, you need all relevant data. The power behind prediction is the past. In any type of predictive AI modeling, you can’t derive insights and forecast the future of what will likely happen without including ...

Data Analysis

What is Explainable AI?

By Virtualitics | January 18, 2022

Within the AI ecosystem, there are different models. One such branch is explainable AI. So, what is explainable AI, exactly? Explainable AI is a set of processes and methods wherein human users can understand and trust the results from machine ...

Data Analysis

How Industry 4.0 Can Utilize Machine Learning

By Virtualitics | December 21, 2021

In 2011, the German government coined the term “Industry 4.0” to describe the growing application of automation and data connectivity to manufacturing and industrial processes. Today, the Fourth Industrial Revolution is in full swing, and machine ...

Data Analysis

Is Unstructured Data the Future of Data Management?

By Virtualitics | December 16, 2021

Data isn’t just for business intelligence anymore; it’s a highly valuable corporate asset. In today’s enterprises, data is being used to advance the business and drive decision-making in many different ways.

Data Analysis

Can Predictive Analysis Change Personalized Healthcare?

By Virtualitics | December 7, 2021

Data can be a powerful tool in any industry. It enables companies to understand the past and predict what might occur in the future. Predictive analytics attempts to answer the question, what will happen next? It uses modeling and forecasting to ...

Data Analysis

How Predictive Analysis is Transforming the Transportation Industry

By Virtualitics | December 1, 2021

Getting people and goods from one point to another is fundamental in the world economy. Improving transportation has never been more important in today’s climate, and many are turning to predictive analysis. The desire to adopt this approach is ...

Data Analysis

Challenges Organizations Face Regarding AI and ML Adoption

By Virtualitics | October 6, 2021

Data is everything in today’s business environment. The problem is there is just so much of it. Every application we use, every interaction we have, and every system we access generates and consumes data. The information held within this data can be ...

Data Analysis

What Is Industry 4.0? State of Analytics in Industry 4.0

By Virtualitics | September 30, 2021

The fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0) is well underway, as traditional manufacturing and industrial practices are increasingly augmented with “smart” technology to automate processes, monitor performance, and diagnose issues.

Data Analysis

What Are Network Graphs?

By Virtualitics | September 23, 2021

Network graphs, also known as knowledge graphs, can help determine connections between entities. They offer a way to depict things and the relationships between them.

Data Analysis

What Is Multidimensional Data?

By Virtualitics | September 21, 2021

Data can be a valuable, powerful asset for organizations. However, its proliferation and complexities don’t always drive actionable insights. The more robust your data set is, the harder it is to analyze with traditional methods. Multidimensional ...

Data Analysis

What Is Data Automation? Let's Take A Deep Dive

By Virtualitics | September 8, 2021

Data security experts predict that by 2025, the world will store 200 zettabytes of data. This estimate could increase significantly based on the data explosion driven by changes in user behavior during the COVID-19 crisis and businesses’ rush to ...