Virtualitics Announces Knowledge Graphs Powered By Natural Language Processing

Dr. Sagar Indurkhya

Written by Dr. Sagar Indurkhya


There is a wealth of knowledge waiting in your natural language data, and it has the potential to elevate your data strategies. Virtualitics is excited to announce that we’ve created a Natural Language Processing application that enables you to parse your documents, description files, and more, and use the output for analysis, in one simple step. No coding is required.

Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing (NLP) has revolutionized the way we interact with data, technology, and each other by unlocking the patterns and insight in our language. But leveraging NLP for the average analyst, or even data scientist has been out of reach, which has meant leaving reams of potential insight totally out of the equation. Text is where the nuance of data is truly captured; from case notes, to customer calls, to descriptions, to the contents of the ubiquitous 'other' field, your text data has a lot to say. 

In order to garner actionable insights from their text data, industry analysts must employ AI and NLP to extract knowledge from their data in a form that can be interactively visualized, analyzed, and explored. For example, a marketing department running an ad campaign can use AI and NLP to process social media posts mentioning their product and produce a knowledge graph of social media posts that they can visualize as a network graph. They can then explore and analyze this knowledge graph using Explainable AI (XAI) routines to identify patterns across users that are praising or critiquing their product, which in turn can help tune their marketing strategy.

With our exclusive Knowledge Graph Extractor feature, Virtualitics users can access the value hiding in their multivariate data right out of the box, with major benefits:

  • Speed to insight: Start exploring data within minutes after uploading a dataset that contains rich text. No need to wait for a data science resource, or take time to code.
  • Democratization: Exploration of datasets that include text is no longer limited to those with specific analytics expertise.
  • AI-Guided exploration: Leverage all of Virtualitics’ Intelligent Exploration capabilities, including our patented network extractor, to explore features extracted using NLP alongside the other variables in your data.
  • Increased understanding: Leverage the output of NLP to enrich your understanding of your supply chain, serve your customers better, or optimize the performance of your sales team. The opportunities are limitless.

NLP paired with Virtualitics’ patented and embedded network graph capabilities means you can now create, explore, and leverage knowledge graphs that include all your relevant data.

Virtualitics’ Network Graphs

The Virtualitics AI Platform has enabled users to generate and explore knowledge graphs on an unprecedented scale. The traditional approach relied on graph databases and complex coding, only to produce underwhelming, 2D visuals that distort the very relationships it’s meant to portray. 

But Virtualitics has made this analytic technique available to anyone with a series of patented features, starting with our Network Extractor. The Network Extractor uncovers and defines the communities in your dataset, building them around your selected nodes (which could be people, objects, events, or concepts).  The resulting network is then visualized on our industry-leading modern 3D game engine technology with patented methods for high-performance, multi-dimensional data visualization, and analysis. 

3D visualizations–especially when you’re talking about graphs–are critical. Graph analysis uses proximity to communicate similarity and only a 3D image that you can rotate, pull in, and double-click on can properly capture that information in a way our brains can comprehend. Our patented design fuels incredibly fast, smooth, and sophisticated user interactions that enable a higher degree of data comprehension and capabilities to explore data at the core, making our graphs more informative, interactive, and powerful for every user—not just data scientists.

With the introduction of our Knowledge Graph Extractor as the “text” sibling of our existing Numerical Network Extractor and Categorical Network Extractor, Virtualitics users can now combine all these types of data into one powerful, explainable visual, bringing users an even higher level of intelligent data exploration. As with all of our analyses, you can also apply our Network Analytics and Explainable AI (XAI) algorithms to knowledge graphs to surface AI-discovered insights about the communities so that you don’t miss a thing. 

AI has become more accessible than ever, and Virtualitics is proud to continue our tradition of leading the way with patented solutions designed to put the AI-fueled power of Intelligent Exploration in everyone’s hands. Schedule a demo with us to learn more!

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