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Data Visualization

How Industry 4.0 Can Utilize Machine Learning

By Virtualitics | December 21, 2021

In 2011, the German government coined the term “Industry 4.0” to describe the growing application of automation and data connectivity to manufacturing and industrial processes. Today, the Fourth Industrial Revolution is in full swing, and machine ...

Data Analysis

Is Unstructured Data the Future of Data Management?

By Virtualitics | December 16, 2021

Data isn’t just for business intelligence anymore; it’s a highly valuable corporate asset. In today’s enterprises, data is being used to advance the business and drive decision-making in many different ways.

Data Visualization

Can Predictive Analysis Change Personalized Healthcare?

By Virtualitics | December 7, 2021

Data can be a powerful tool in any industry. It enables companies to understand the past and predict what might occur in the future. Predictive analytics attempts to answer the question, what will happen next? It uses modeling and forecasting to ...

Data Analysis

How Predictive Analysis is Transforming the Transportation Industry

By Virtualitics | December 1, 2021

Getting people and goods from one point to another is fundamental in the world economy. Improving transportation has never been more important in today’s climate, and many are turning to predictive analysis. The desire to adopt this approach is ...

Machine Learning (ML)

Using Machine Learning in the Energy Sector

By Virtualitics | November 24, 2021

Machine learning is a branch of artificial intelligence and computer science that uses data and algorithms to imitate the way that humans learn. The “learning” aspect of machine learning refers to the system’s ability to improve its accuracy and ...

Data Visualization

What is Data Visualization?

By Virtualitics | November 23, 2021

Data can often seem abstract, hindering the opportunity for it to be actionable. The sheer volume of data makes it difficult to understand what it all means. To remove these roadblocks to leveraging data for better decision-making, many companies ...

Machine Learning (ML)

Using Machine Learning in Healthcare

By Virtualitics | November 16, 2021

  The healthcare industry generates massive amounts of data. Unlocking its value can, however, be challenging. Although the healthcare industry shifted to digitization years ago with electronic health records (EHRs), there are still many obstacles, ...

Machine Learning (ML)

What Is Machine Learning?

By Virtualitics | November 9, 2021

Machine learning offers substantial opportunities to categorize and analyze data, something every company wants to do. As a branch of AI, machine learning occurs by applying algorithms to structured and unstructured data to find interrelationships, ...

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Using AI to Evaluate Sensor Data

By Virtualitics | November 4, 2021

  Digital technology is taking over the world, and nowhere is this evolution more obvious than in the manufacturing and industrial sectors. Dubbed Industry 4.0, this Fourth Industrial Revolution is driven by embedded software systems and smart ...

Virtualitics News

Virtualitics wraps up 2021 Caltech data science hackathon

By Virtualitics | November 2, 2021

Virtualitics wraps up exciting data science hackathon with Caltech students leveraging the power of Virtualitics AI Platform to solve unique business cases and challenges.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Using AI in Logistics

By Virtualitics | November 2, 2021

  COVID-19 forced many organizations to accelerate their digital transformation initiatives. But with global supply chain disruptions, record demand for freight delivery, and a desperate need to fill many essential positions amid a worker shortage, ...


Using AI in the Transportation Industry

By Virtualitics | October 26, 2021

  Supply chain disruption has impacted business operations in every industry over the past two years. Organizations almost across the board are navigating inventory shortages, scarcity of raw materials, and lack of essential components.


How Analysts in Healthcare can Augment their Analytics with Virtualitics AI Platform

By Manny Sevillano | October 13, 2021

The world of healthcare has become one of the most demanding and quickly evolving industries. This has been highly driven by the rapidly changing technology landscape, where efforts are leading to faster and better research, development, and overall ...

Data Visualization

How Data Visualization is Redefining the Energy Sector

By Virtualitics | October 12, 2021

Like many industries, the energy sector is undergoing widespread digital transformation. As more power and utility providers adopt artificial intelligence, IoT, and other smart technology to support their business lifecycles, data analytics is ...

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Challenges Organizations Face Regarding AI and ML Adoption

By Virtualitics | October 6, 2021

Data is everything in today’s business environment. The problem is there is just so much of it. Every application we use, every interaction we have, and every system we access generates and consumes data.  The information held within this data can ...