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Intelligent Exploration Podcast

Podcast: Data Literacy and Change Management

By Virtualitics | June 7, 2023

The latest episode of the Intelligent Exploration Podcast features Ana Garcia, Director of Data Science and Analytics at ZipRecruiter, as she reflects on the changing landscape of business decision-making as she sees teams shift from relying on ...

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Four Keys to Finding Impactful Generative AI

By Amanda Derrick | June 1, 2023

Generative AI tools like ChatGPT have emerged as potentially powerful assets for businesses across various industries. However, not everything created by generative AI has value, and some of it carries significant risks. The question is, what do ...

Virtualitics News

Two Former Army and Navy Senior Leaders Join Virtualitics Federal Advisory Board

By Virtualitics | May 25, 2023

Appointments Reflect Continuing Growth for the Company’s AI-driven Analytics Solution Among the Armed Forces

Financial Data

3 Ways AI-Guided Data Exploration Turns Obstacles Into Opportunity In Financial Services

By Amanda Derrick | May 24, 2023

Financial services organizations are sitting on more valuable data than they know what to do with…or manage and explore. Traditional analytics tools, like BI dashboards and 2D graphs, just aren’t up to the task of clearly explaining all that’s going ...

Citi Bank - Virtualitics

Virtualitics News

Virtualitics Secures Strategic Investment from Citi Fueling Growth of Intelligent Exploration Technology

By Virtualitics | May 18, 2023

Virtualitics will use the funding to enable the further development of advanced AI solutions that unlock the full value of complex data.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Finding Transparency in Generative AI

By Amanda Derrick | May 10, 2023

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been spreading across industries and growing in prominence and acceptance and the emergence of ChatGPT on the scene this year has launched the conversation into the stratosphere. ChatGPT has put a very public face on ...

Financial Data

Discovering Game-Changing Insight in Financial Services Data

By Amanda Derrick | May 3, 2023

With the collapse of a third bank this year, and an increasingly volatile financial market, financial institutions don’t have a lot of room for error. What they do have is a lot of data, both internal and external, and data analysts doing their best ...

Virtualitics News

Virtualitics Launches AI Platform on the Snowflake Data Cloud

By Virtualitics | April 26, 2023

Puts the Power of AI and Immersive Visualizations into the Hands of Analysts to Help Organizations Explore and Visualize Complex Data

Power Intelligent Exploration From Snowflake And Get More From Your Data

By Virtualitics | April 26, 2023

Your Snowflake data warehouse is doing its job: safely storing large amounts of valuable data. Snowflake integrates the disparate forms of your data, but the potential of your data is going untapped if you don’t have the right tools for your ...

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Podcast: People, Processes, and Technology

By Virtualitics | April 20, 2023

New Podcast Episode: People, Processes, and Technology On our latest podcast episode, Caitlin Bigsby, Virtualitics' Head of Product Marketing sits down with Shreshth Sharma, Senior Director of Strategy and Operations at Twilio, to talk about his ...

From Big Data to Smart Data: How Sampling Can Simplify Your Analysis

By Sarthak Sahu, Co-Head of AI | April 12, 2023

Data analytics teams are often overtasked and understaffed. To keep delivering results, they are oftentimes forced to take shortcuts or significantly reduce the scope of their analysis. This is especially true when it comes to dealing with large, ...

How Intelligent Exploration Upskills Analysts

By Virtualitics | April 6, 2023

Organizations are striving to make data-driven decisions that will keep them ahead of the competition and position themselves for strong, healthy growth. They have vast amounts of data at their disposal that potentially hold the answers; they’re ...

Virtualitics News

North American Bancard Partners with Virtualitics to Unlock Insights from Complex Payment Data

By Virtualitics | April 4, 2023

The partnership will provide North American Bancard the opportunity to support merchants in detecting trends and patterns within their data.

Defining What Today’s AI Is…And What It’s Not

By Amanda Derrick | March 30, 2023

We were just at the 2023 Gartner Data and Analytics Summit, which is always a valuable opportunity to hear directly from data scientists and analysts... and they sure had questions. The biggest one was "What do all these vendors mean when they say ...

Virtualitics News

Virtualitics Wins 2023 Artificial Intelligence Excellence Awards

By Virtualitics | March 23, 2023

Virtualitics' Patented AI-Driven Intelligent Exploration Platform Is Transforming The Way Companies Make Sense of Complex Data.